Ballam_BG_Shinny Kiranmai Bellam
Assistant Professor
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Energy efficient storage systems, mobile App development, engineering education 317 SR Collins
(936) 261-9883
Frizell_BG_Shinny Sherri Frizell
Associate Professor
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Human-Computer interaction, educational Technology, socially relevant computing, persistence of African-American and female students in STEM 315 SR Collins
(936) 261-9873
Huang Lei Huang
Assistant Professor
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High Performance Computing(HPC), cloud computing to support research and education, parallel programming model design, compiler optimizations, and runtime support for HPC systems. 314 SR Collins
(936) 261-9878

Lodgher_BG_Riptide Akhtar H. Lodgher
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Mobile computing platforms, software engineering, middleware software, and information systems technologies. 308 SR Collins
(936) 261-9859
Ravi_BG_Riptide Ravi Iyengar
Lecturer and
Undergraduate Advisor
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111J SR Collins
(936) 261-9875
 yyang_BG_Riptide Yonggao Yang
Associate Professor and
Department Head
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Computer Graphics, virtual reality, scientific and animation, and smart human computer interface. 111G SR Collins
(936) 261-9884