Center for the Oversight and Management of Personalized Academic Student Services


Building on leading retention data and recognized “best practice” research, COMPASS is designed to help Prairie View students in their second year and beyond navigate towards graduation by providing the following services:

Academic Advisement

Targeted Tutorials for Personalized Learning

Campus-Wide Referrals

Academic & Social Workshops

Academic Advisement Services

Our staff offers personalized academic counseling for:

Academic Major Evaluation

Let our staff assist you with deciding on an academic major or with exploring other academic majors available here at Prairie View A&M University.  Stop by our office for “Do Drop-In” assistance or call 936-261-1040 for an appointment.

 Creating an Academic Achievement Plan

Let our staff assist you with creating an academic achievement plan that will allow you to graduate in a timely manner or with one that will get you back on track for graduation.

Academic Progress Monitoring 

Let our staff assist you with tracking your academic progress.  Together, we can evaluate your previous semester’s grades to set goals to keep you in good academic standing or to set academic goals that with assist you with returning to good academic status.

Reclamation 2 Graduation Assistance

COMPASS assists Prairie View students who have not enrolled for two (2) or more consecutive semesters with re-entering the University.  Students interested in reconnecting with Prairie View should contact the Student Academic Success office via phone: 936-261-1040 or via email:

Targeted Tutorials for Personalized Learning

COMPASS offers targeted tutorials to assist students with successfully completing courses that have high failure/withdrawal rates.  Tutorials are available for the following “Gatekeeper” courses:  College Algebra 1113, History 1313, English 1123 & 1133, and Spanish 1013.  In addition, supplemental learning software is available in the following subject areas:  Spanish, mathematics, and English. Special Note:  Tutorials are also available for THEA and HESI testing.

Books are also available for the “Gatekeeper” courses at the circulation desk in J.B. Coleman Library.

Campus-Wide Referrals

COMPASS staff assists students with locating academic and student support services.  Students needing assistance with completing a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal, submitting an academic suspension appeal, finding tutorial centers and/or testing centers can now contact SASC.  Also, the center has test preparation manuals available for the HESI and THEA exams.

Academic & Social Workshops

COMPASS, in conjunction with other available academic and wellness services, provides students with academic and social workshops on topics that include:

· Time Management

· Goal Setting

· Note-taking Techniques

· Financial Literacy




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