Department of Justice Studies

Camille Gibson

Camille Gibson
Associate Professor, Justice Studies |936.261.5228 (o) | 936.261.5249 (f) | Clark 358
Education: Ph.D., City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Interests: Schools and delinquency, Jamaican organized crime, juvenile sex offending, child abuse, law enforcement and juvenile interactions.

Charles Bailey

Charles Bailey
Assistant Professor/Coordinator of the Undergraduate Program, Justice Studies |936.261.5227 (o) | 936.261.5250 (f) | Clark 359
Education: Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis
Interests: Prevention and control of juvenile crime and service learning as a teaching method.

G Solomon Osho

G. Solomon Osho
Associate Professor, Justice Studies |936.261.5236 (o) | 936.261.5249 (f) | Clark 356
Education: Ph.D., Oklahoma State University.
Interests: Public policy, demographics, applied quantitative techniques, multivariate analysis, crime analytics, program evaluation.

Kevin Buckler

Kevin Buckler
Associate Professor and Interim Department Head, Justice Studies |936.261.5234 (o) | 936.261.5249 (f) | Clark 344
Education: Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Interests: Racial differences in attitudes toward the criminal justice system and media portrayals of crime and justice.

Myirna Cintron

Myrna Cintrón
Associate Professor, Justice Studies |936.261.5261 (o) | 936.261.5249 (f) | Clark 334
Education: Ph.D., Florida State University.
Interests: crime/delinquency theory, juvenile gangs, drug use and control, racial/ethnic issues in the criminal/juvenile justice systems, Latinos: multicultural/bilingual issues.

Department of Psychology

Aisha Asby

Aisha Asby
Assistant Professor, Psychology | 936.261.5215 (o) |936.261.5251 (f) | Clark 250
Education: Ph.D., Howard University
Interests: Risk and protective factors related to mental health outcomes for children and adolescents, bullying, maternal disease, and adjudication.

Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson
Associate Professor | 936.261.5223 (o) |936.261.5251 (f) | Clark 244
Education: Ph.D., DePaul University
Interest: African and African American Mental Health, positive culture and mental health, Ubuntu, consciousness, connectedness, and competency.

Pamela Martin

Pamela Martin
Associate Dean, Psychology | 936.261.5208 (o) |936.261.5253 (f) | Clark 150
Education: Ph.D., Michigan State University.
Interests: Theology, religion and hip hop, spirituality, faith development, racial/ ethnic identity, and achievement outcomes, especially in STEM

Peter Metofe

Peter Metofe
Assistant Professor, Psychology | 936.261.5224 (o) |936.261.5251 (f) | Clark 241
Education: Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology
Interest: Multivariate Statistics, Personnel Selection, and Survey Research

Tamara L. Brown

Tamara L Brown
Dean, Psychology | 936.261.5206 (o) |936.261.5253 (f) | Clark 149
Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Interests: Substance use in African Americans, cultural factors and African Americans' mental health functioning and use of services.

Texas Juvenile Crime Prevention Center

Grady Paris

Grady Paris
Training Specialist, Texas JCPC | 936.261.5211 (o) |936.261.5252 (f) | Clark 128
Education: Doctor of Jurisprudence, Bates College of Law; University of Houston

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