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When can I register for classes? View the priority registration   schedule or the university academic calendar for dates.  Please note   that you may also need to schedule a time to meet with your advisor for   assistance and to receive your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to   register. Priority Registration
PVAMUAcademic Calendar
What do I need to be advised? Take a look at your transcript in   Panther Tracks and review your degree plan (Criminal   Justice, Criminal Justice with Specialization in Juvenile Justice; Psychology).    Check off the courses you have already taken and satisfied the degree   requirements (some courses require a grade of “C” or better).Using the degree   plan as your guide, highlight the courses you need for the next semester.     Review the courses, days, time and prerequisites through PV Place under   the heading marked “Class Schedule” and complete the registration form.  If you are double major or have a minor,   make sure that you are selecting courses for both majors in the   appropriate/recommended sequence. Registration & Special Approval
Download Criminal Justice(i.e., Justice Studies) Degree Plan SheetCriminal Justice Tentative Summer and Fall Schedule

Download Psychology Degree Plan Sheet

Psychology Tentative Summer and Fall Schedule

I need to drop a class.  What   do I need to do? If you need to add or drop a class   during the priority, regular or late registration period, use your PIN in   Panther Tracks and make the change.  If it’s past the deadline, use the   add/drop form.  Be sure to check with your advisor, review your degree   and consider other implications (SAP, course restrictions, graduation   deadlines, scholarship requirements, etc.) before changing your   selection.  In many instances, a withdrawal may be counted toward your   limit of six (6) drops. Add/Drop Form
I’m taking classes at a different   college and want to transfer credit to PVAMU.  What should I do? Before you take the course,   complete the Pre-Approved Transfer Credit Form and have it signed by your   department head.  For a general list of Texas Community College courses,   visit the Texas Common Course Numbering System site for details and to compare courses.  Please review the transfer policies in the   University Catalog for additional information. Pre-Approved Transfer Credit FormCredit from Sources other than PVAMU
 Other  For other questions, please   contact your advisor or visit the link provided. General Registration Information

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