About COJJP Graduate

Welcome to the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology (COJJP) at Prairie View A&M University.  The purpose of graduate education is to provide students with coursework that requires critical analysis and study in a specialized field. One of the core values of Prairie View A & M University is to inspire and guide students to become successful leaders in their professions and their communities. The COJJP fulfills this objective by offering graduate education in the new field of juvenile justice. The emphasis of the COJJP is scientific, because it is assumed that graduates will be better qualified to participate in the profession if they are prepared as research-oriented students of juvenile crime and delinquency. The COJJP offers graduate courses leading to a Master of Science degree in Juvenile Justice, a Ph.D. degree in Juvenile Justice, and a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Adolescent Psychology. The College seeks a diverse group of qualified students with backgrounds in various disciplines committed to improving the life experiences of youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

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