Faculty and Staff in Psychology

COJJP faculty members are actively engaged in several research endeavors aimed to advance knowledge and inform intervention programs related to at-risk youth in our communities. Specifically, many of these projects are associated with identifying psycho-social risk and protective factors related to juvenile delinquency. Faculty is also involved in conducting research that pertains to student retention within the college. Student involvement in faculty research is strongly encouraged at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Balance of Justice

Tamara L Brown

Tel: 936.261.5206
Fax: 936.261.5253
Office: Clark 149

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Interests: Substance use in African Americans, cultural factors and African Americans' mental health functioning and use of services

Select Publications:
Abdullah, T.,* & Brown, T. L., (2012). Acculturation style and alcohol use in African American college students: An exploration of potential moderators. Journal of Black Psychology, 38(4), 421-441.

Abdullah, T.,* & Brown, T. L., (2011). Mental illness stigma and ethnocultural beliefs, values, and norms: An integrative review. Clinical Psychology Review, 35, 934-978.

Brown, T. L., Phillips, C. M., Vinson, E.,* Abdullah, T.,* & Robertson, J. (2011) Dispositional versus situational coping: Are the coping strategies African Americans use different for general versus racism-related stressors? Journal of Black Psychology, 37(3), 311-335.

Clarke, K. & Brown, T. L., (2011). Faith and fraternalism: A doctrinal and empirical analysis. In M. W. Hughey and G. S. Parks (Eds.), Black Greek-letter organizations 2.0: New directions in the study of African American fraternities and sororities. University Press of Mississippi.

Dr. Brown will be accepting students to start Fall 2018.

Balance of Justice

Pamela Martin
Interim, Psychology Department Head/ Associate Dean, COJJP 

Tel: 936.261.5208
Fax: 936.261.5253
Office: Clark 150

Education: Ph.D., Michigan State University
Theology, religion and hip hop, spirituality, faith development, racial/ ethnic identity, and achievement outcomes, especially in STEM

Select Publications:

Butler-Barnes, S., Martin, P.,  & Boyd, D. (In-press). African American Adolescents’ psychological well-being: The impact of parents' religious socialization on adolescents’ religiosity. Race & Social Problems.

Butler-Barnes, S., Martin, P., Copeland-Linder, N., Matusko, N, Seaton, E., Caldwell, C. & Jackson, J. (2016). The protective role of religious involvement in African American and Caribbean Black adolescents’ experiences of racial discrimination. Youth & Society. doi: 10.1177/0044118x15626063

Hasting, J., Jones, L., & Martin, P. (2015). African Americans and Depression: Signs, Awareness, Treatments, and Interventions. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Livingston, J., Smith, N., Hamilton, N.S., Bowles, T.A., Martin, P.P., Leach, M.T., Causey, S.T., Dacons-Brock, K., Eaton, S., Cannon, C.W., & Franklin, D.A. (2013). A Case for University Teaching and Engagement: A culturally-relevant intervention to educate young African American women about breast cancer. World Medical & Health Policy, 5(2).

Decuir-Gumby, J., Martin, P. & Cooper, S. (2012). African American students in Private, Independent Schools: Parents and school influences on racial identity development. Urban Review. 44(1), 113-132.

Martin, P., Bowles, T., Adkins, T. & Leach, M. (2011).  Black mega-churches in the internet age: Exploring theological teachings and social outreach efforts, Journal of African American Studies, 15, 155-176.

Dr. Martin will be accepting students to start Fall 2018. 

Balance of Justice

Roslyn Caldwell
Associate Professor, Psychology

Tel: 936.261.5215
Fax: 936.261.5251
Office: Clark 219

Education: Ph.D.,  University of California – Santa Barbara
Interests: Forensic psychology,prevention programs, mental health, and juvenile and adult offenders

Select Publications: 

Caldwell, R.M., Silver, N.C., **Smith, K., & **Norton, K (2016). Racial and ethnic differences in factors related to drug use among adult female offenders: Implications for treatment. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 16(1), 39-49.

Caldwell, R.M., & Parham, T.A. (2015). The Bakari© Mentoring Program: A framework for intervening with at-risk youth. Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry, 3(6), 1-3.

Caldwell, R.M., & Silver, N.C. (2015) Exploring the relationships between perceptions of peer prejudice, school attendance, and academic performance among adolescent youth. Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry, 3(5), 1-7.

Caldwell, R.M., **Romero, V., & Silver, N.C. (2015). The relationship between trauma and mental health issues among African American, White, and Hispanic male juvenile offenders. American Journal of Forensic Psychology, 33(2), 21-38.

Dr. Caldwell  will be accepting students to start Fall 2018. 


Balance of Justice

Corey Columb
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Tel: 936.261.5262
Fax: 936.261.5251
Office: Clark 220

Education: Ph.D., Florida State University
Interests: Social Biases, implicit biases, and political biases

Select Publications:
Columb, C., & Plant, E. A. (In-Press). The Obama Effect six years later: The effect of exposure to Obama on implicit anti-Black bias and implicit racial stereotyping. Social Cognition.

Ehrlinger, J., Plant, E. A., Hartwig, M. K., Vossen, J., Columb, C., & Brewer, L. E. (In-Press). Do gender differences in perceived prototypical computer scientists and engineers contribute to gender gaps in computer science and engineering? Sex Roles.

Columb, C., & Plant, E. A. (2011). Revisiting the Obama effect: Exposure to Obama reduces implicit prejudice. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47(2), 499-501.

Ehrlinger, J., Plant, E. A., Eibach, R. P., Columb, C. J., Goplen, J. L., Kunstman, J. W., & Butz, D. A. (2011). How exposure to the Confederate flag affects willingness to vote for Barack Obama. Political Psychology, 32(1), 131-146.

Plant, E. A., Devine, P., Cox, W. T. L., Columb, C., Miller, S. L., Goplen, J., & Peruche, B. M. (2009). The Obama Effect: Decreasing implicit prejudice and stereotyping, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 961-964.

Dr. Columb will be accepting students to start Fall 2018.

Balance of Justice

Peter Metofe
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Tel: 936.261.5224
Fax: 936.261.5251
Office: Clark 241

Education: Ph.D., California School of Professional Psychology
Interests: Multivariate Statistics, personnel selection, and survey research

Select Publications:
Metofe, P.A., Gardiner, C., Walker, A., & Wedlow, W. (2014). The influence of psychological factors on academic performance in African American students: Another case for conscientiousness. Psychology Journal, 11 (2), 60 – 67. 

Butler, D., Metofe, P. A., & Leslie, L. (2013). An examination of the sources of academic self-efficacy among college students at a HBCU: Classifications and gender comparisons. In T. Hick & M. McFrazier (Ed.), College Student Self-efficacy Studies (p. 126). New York: University Press of America.

Metofe, P. A. (2013). Developing the job performance questionnaire (JPBQ): Exploratory factor analysis. Journal of Knowledge and Best Practices in Juvenile Justice and Psychology, 7(1), 35 – 44.

Metofe, P. A. (2011). The theory of cognitive dissonance: A reappraisal. Journal of Knowledge and Best Practices in Juvenile Justice and Psychology, 5(1), 37-40.

Balance of Justice

Derek Wilson
Associate Professor

Tel: 936.261.5253
Fax: 936.261.5251
Office: Clark 256

Education: Ph.D., DePaul University
Interests: African and African American Mental Health, positive culture and mental health, Ubuntu, consciousness, connectedness, and competency

Select Publications:
Wilson, D., Olubadewo, S. & Williams, V. (In Press) Ubuntu: Framework for Black College Male Positive Mental Health in 2nd Volume of the African American Male series, Counseling African American Males: Effective Therapeutic Interventions and Approaches. (Ed. William Ross) Information Age Publishing.

Williams, V. & Wilson, D. (In Press) White Racial Framing and its impact on African-American Male Mental Health in 2nd Volume of the African American Male series, Counseling African American Males: Effective Therapeutic Interventions and Approaches. (Ed. William Ross) Information Age Publishing.

Wilson, D. & Williams, V. (2014) Mental Illness Defined: Sociological Perspectives in Cultural Sociology of Mental Illness: An A-to-Z Guide (Ed. Andrew Scull) January 2014, (pp. 518-521) SAGE Publications, Inc.

Wilson, D. & Williams, V. (2013) “Ubuntu: A Model of Positive Mental Health for African Americans”. Psychology Journal,10(2): 80-100 www.psychologicalpublishing.com.

Wilson, D. (2012). Competency, connectedness, and consciousness: Mental Health Model. In “We ain’t crazy! Just coping with a crazy system”: Pathways into the Black population.

Balance of Justice

Logan  Yelderman
Assistant Professor

Email: layelderman@pvamu.edu
Tel: 936.261.5214
Fax: 936.261.5251
Office: Clark 231

Education: Ph.D., University of Nevada-Reno
Interests: attitudes toward the criminally insane and mentally ill offenders, mental illness verdicts (e.g. NGRI and GBMI), the relationship between religion and legal processes (e.g. jury decision-making), parole decision-making, emotion, attributions, morality, and public perceptions

Select Publications:
Yelderman, L. A., Miller, M. K., & Peoples, C. D. (2016). Capital-izing jurors: How death qualification relates to jury composition, jurors’ perceptions, and trial outcomes. In B. H. Bornstein and M. K. Miller (Eds.) Advances in Psychology and Law, Vol. 2 (pp. 27-54). New York: Springer.

Yelderman, L. A., & Miller, M. K. (2016). Religious fundamentalism, religiosity, and priming: Effects on attitudes, perceptions, and mock jurors' decisions in an insanity defense case. Psychology, Crime, & Law. Advance online publication. doi:10.1080/1068316X.2016.1239097

Yelderman, L. A., & Miller, M. K. (2016). Religious fundamentalism and attitudes toward the insanity defense: The mediating roles of criminal attributions and perceptions of the mentally ill. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. Online. DOI: 10.1080/13218719.2016.1160005

Yelderman, L. A. (2016). An assessment of juvenile drug courts' knowledge of evidence-based practices, data collection, and the use of AA/NA. Juvenile and Family Court Journal, 67(1), 33-48. DOI: 10.1111/jfcj.12055

Dr. Yelderman will be accepting students to start Fall 2018.


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