Financial Aid

The primary purpose of student financial aid is to provide financial assistance to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue a post-secondary education. The basis of financial aid programs is that the main responsibility for meeting college costs lies with the family. Financial aid programs are available to assist students and families who do not have the financial resources to meet the full cost of attendance.

 There are many types of financial aid available to students such as:

  • Work-Study Jobs- based on financial need
  • Student Hourly Jobs- based on departmental funds
  • Scholarships- based on talent or merit such as
    • University Scholars
    • Regent’s Student Award
    • Distinguished Achievement
    • Presidential Award
  • Grants- based on financial need
  • Loans- have to be paid back with interest

The Department currently is offering the following grant to Chemistry Majors (See Department Head for more details or click on each scholarship for application and criteria):

The deadline for Summer 2013 is April 1
The deadline for Fall 2013 is May 1
The deadline for Spring 2014 is September 1.

Please check out the following website provided by the university for more details. Please observe the deadlines for each type of financial aid.

Click here for financial aid

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