Students majoring in Chemistry have two resources for proper advising:

  1. The 2nd floor of New Science Building, where students should go to verify overall graduation requirements, double major declarations or declaration of minor, course transfers and to apply for graduation.
  2. The Department of Chemistry, where all students have been randomly assigned a faculty advisor. However, the students themselves may choose an advisor with whom they feel comfortable.

The advisors in the chemistry department serve as mentors to the chemistry majors. They assist the students with needs such as registration, class section or giving basic advice about their degree plans.

The following is a list of faculty advisors in this department:

  • Dr. Remi Oki, Department Head, Inorganic Chemistry
  • Dr. Ananda Amarasekara, Polymer Chemistry
  • Dr. Hua-Jun Fan, Computational and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Dr. Max Fontus, Physical Chemistry
  • Dr. Marco Giles, Biochemistry
  • Dr. Nathaniel Soboyejo, Organic Chemistry
  • Dr. John Williams, Physical Chemistry