2010 Summer

Student presentations

Here are a few pictures of students presenting their research at various meetings. More are coming. 

Joana Cisneros and Brandon Callis joined Dr. Javier’s group in Iowa State University during the summer of 2010. Their research is to investigate the photocatalytic effectiveness of nanocrystallines.

Stephen Bacon joined Dr. Quitevis’s group in Texas Tech University during the Summer of 2010. His research focuses on Ionic Liquids.


Charity Woodard joined Dr. Derosa’s research group in the summer of 2010. She investigated the thermo and electronic properties of nano composite materials.


Malcolm McGhie and Raymond Hooks joined Dr. Veronica Barone’s research group at Central Michigan University in the summer of 2010. Both investigated the gas adsorption on graphene nanoribbons.





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