Article I: Name of Organization

This student organization shall be known as the Prairie View Chemistry Club.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose and objectives of this organization shall be: To organize individuals with a common interest in chemistry as well as chemistry-based profession(s) and meet regularly to assess their needs. To provide undergraduate and graduate chemistry major, chemistry minors, as well as students interested in chemistry information about careers in chemistry and related fields. To invite and encourage more students to pursue careers in chemistry or chemistry-based professions by promoting/organizing programs and workshops. To provide information about scholarships, internships and vital information about chemistry. To connect students in club with professors in the chemistry department. To recruit more students interested in chemistry and related field into the chemistry department.

Article III: Membership

Membership in this organization is open to Prairie View A&M University students who meet these qualifications:

(a) Students should be interested in pursuing a career in a chemistry related field.

(b) Members must be in good academic standing with the university.

(c) Must attend club events.

(d) The student must recognize the needs for the existence of this organization and maintain the club welfare and interests.

Article IV: Officers

Section A. The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Historian.

Section B. The officers of this organization shall be elected from the active membership by:

(a) Candidates running for offices must be nominated by the floor in order to be posted on the ballot.

(b) The candidate who receives the most votes during election wins.

(c) If two or more candidates receive the same number of votes, special run-off election will be held to select the officer.

(d) If an officer is unable to maintain his or her office during school year, the President will appoint an interim officer until next election.

(e) If the President is unable to maintain his or her office, the Vice President will assume the role and appoint an interim Vice President.

Section C. The duties of the officers of this organization shall be those usually performed by such officers, together with the following duties:

(a) Duties of the President are as follows:

  1. To preside over all general body meetings
  2. To approve of all appointed sub-committees
  3. To coordinate the activities of the officers
  4. to approve all financial action of the Treasurer
  5. To represent the Chemistry Club

(b) Duties of the Vice President are as follows:

  1. To assume the role of the President when the President
    cannot be available
  2. To assist the President in approval of all appointed sub-committees
  3. To represent the Chemistry Club
  4. To help coordinate activities for membership, Historian, and Parliamentarian

(c) Duties of the Secretary are as follows:

  1. To track incoming mail and distribute to perspective recipients
  2. to prepare current membership roster
  3. To post announcements of upcoming Chemistry Club meetings at least three full days before the day of the meeting.
  4. To post events of the Chemistry Club
  5. To take minutes at all meetings
  6. To record, send, and distribute copies of minutes from the general office meeting to officers

(d) Duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

  1. To assume all financial responsibility
  2. To present formal financial report to the officers
  3. To coordinate all fundraising activities
  4. To write receipts
  5. To file and organize bank statements.

(e) Duties of the Parliamentarian are as follows

  1. To maintain order during all meeting
  2. To implement any constitution amendments
  3. To review the constitution annually
  4. To propose and handle updates to the constitution and by-laws.

(f) Duties of the Historian are as follows:

  1. To be present at all Chemistry Club events
  2. To document all events of the organization via pictures, programs, etc.

Section D. The officers of this organization must meet the following requirements:

(a) Have at least a 2.50 overall GPA at the time of their election;

(b) Be in good standing with the University ad enrolled in at least six credit hours in a regular semester during the term of office;

(c) Be subject to removal from office by the organization and/or the organization’s official University advisor should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (a) and (b).

Article V: Meetings

Section A. Regular meetings of this organization shall be held twice a month.

Section B. Special meeting may be called by the executive board and shall provide notice of no less than three days to all members.

Section C. A quorum of 50 percent of the membership is required to conduct official business.

Section D. The program at regular meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Questions/Concerns about previous meeting
  4. Current meeting agenda (Meeting)
  5. Presentation of new ideas
  6. Future events
  7. Closing remarks

Article VI: Finances

Section A. Dues not to exceed $20 per semester will be collected from all members of this organization.

Section B. All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and discharged through a bank account established for the organization in the Fiscal Office or any commercial bank in the community. All funds must be deposited within 24 hours after collection. The advisor to this organization must approve and sign each expenditure before payment.

Article VII: Amendments

This constitution may be appended at any time by a two-third vote of the active membership, subject to the approval of the Director of Student Activities.