Hua-Jun Fan


Ph.D. University of Arizona

Contact information:

Room: 330-M NSB,
Department of Chemistry
Prairie View A&M University
MS 2215
P.O. Box 519,
Prairie View, Texas 77446

Phone: 936-261-3111
Fax: 936-261-3117


Area of Interest

  • Computational Chemistry
  • Molecular modeling
  • Protein and enzyme modeling
  • Reaction mechanism of organometallic/Inorganic system
  • Nano composite and nanotube modeling

Current Research Activities

My current research interest focus on three areas:

  • density functional modeling on nano composite materials
  • molecular modeling of protein and their functionality;
  • drug design

Selected publications

I always encourage students to participate in the research and present their results at local, regional and national meetings. Even better, the trip is all paid for. For example:

  • Featured in the very first issue of PV ReView Magazine. More information can be found here.
  • Fan, H.-J. and Walker, L. Size matters: Theoretical investigation of the factors that influence the electronic structure of nanotube 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009
  • Arman, B; Fan,H.-J.; and Cagin, T. Theoretical exploration of sensing mechanisms of nitroaromatics 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009
  • Stoddard, S. and Fan, H.-J. Molecular modeling the interaction between the chemical ligands and Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 236th ACS National Meeting from Aug. 17-21,2008 Philadelphia, PA
  • Stoddard, S; Jackson, M.; Uket, O. and Fan, H.-J. A Chemical Interpretation of the Interaction Between the Ligand CDK Binding Site 4th Annual Research Symposium, PVAMU, TX (1st Place winner), April, 2008
  • Interested in research

  • If you are interested in doing research with me, please visit me. This is a password protected webpage you can use to prepare yourself.  Please contact Dr. Fan for username and password.

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