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The Department of Chemical Engineering at Prairie View A&M University is one of only six fully accredited Chemical Engineering programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the country.  Our graduates are employed world-wide and our faculty is engaged in research ranging from fundamental to applied technology.

Our faculty members are engaged in a wide array of research projects ranging from reservoir transport modeling and simulation, process safety, pollution and prevention, technology assessment, etc. to very fundamental research in nanotechnology, nuclear radiation,  life sciences, membrane separation, bioprocess, molecular simulation and engineering education- to name a few. Read More information about the department research projects and faculty capabilities: Research  and Research Matrix.

We are located on the second floor of the C. L. Wilson Building with our laboratories housed in the Gilchrist Building.

Reputation and Statistics

  • Faculty and Staff

The department is currently comprised of five full-time faculty members, 2 adjuncts, and 1 administrative assistant.

The department has excellent faculty and numerous opportunities for undergraduate and graduate research in several areas.


  • Statistics

The latest statistics for the 2010-2013 academic years are listed below:







Total Degrees




Total Enrollment 222 206 203



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Undergraduate Program

Earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering
Earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with
bioengineering concentration option

Graduate Program

Get your Master’s degree in Engineering with Chemical Engineering

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