About CEES

The mission of the Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (CEES) is to promote a multidisciplinary approach to learning, research, and the development of strategies to address the national and global challenges of energy and environmental sustainability.

CEES focused in three broad areas of energy research

1) Biofuels, 2) Energy and the Environment, and 3) Wind Energy.

The overarching goals of the Center are:

  1. Research focus on transitional and transformative technologies for global energy solutions
  2. Develop new national and international partnerships to form collaborative teams of researchers in three major areas: Biofuel Productions, Wind Energy, and Energy and the Environment
  3. Lead the development of “Energy Engineering Minor” and graduate level energy focus at PVAMU

These goals are achieve through the following objectives;

  1. Significantly increase productivity in energy research
  2. Establish energy research infrastructure (both shared laboratory facilities and technical support personnel)
  3. Increase connections and collaborations among PVAMU energy research programs
  4. Strengthen current research collaborations and build new collaborations
  5. Provide national visibility for the center
  6. Provide well-rounded postdoctoral experiences
  7. Integrate CEES research into the curriculum

The scope of the center is shown in below. The center is administered under the guidance of Internal Steering Committee (ISC) which is made up of several university administrators and is chaired by vice-president for Research, Dr. Trotty. The center also gets feedback from its External Advisory Board (EAB), whose membership includes national leaders in the area of energy and environmental sustainability.


Scope of the center