Dr. Doeun Choe

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Structural Engineering: Structural Reliability / Sustainability and Hazard Mitigation


Doeun Choe, PhD
Assistant Professor
Tel: (936) 261-1663/1665 (dept.)
Email: dochoe@pvamu.edu

Research Interest:

  • Hazard mitigation :Natural hazards; Extreme loading (earthquakes, blast/explosion, and wind)
  • Structural safety : Structural reliability/fragility; Probabilistic modeling, Uncertainty Modeling
  • Structures of renewable energy facility: offshore wind turbine
  • Life-cycle analysis: Deterioration of structure/infrastructures; Sustainable civil infrastructures
  • Characterizing chaotic/random/uncertain behaviors of structures.

Recent Publications:

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  1. Choe D., Gardoni P., and Rosowsky D. (2010). “Fragility Increment Functions for Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns.” Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE, 136(8), 969-978.
  2. Choe D., Gardoni P., Rosowsky D., and Haukaas T. (2009). “Seismic Fragility Estimates for Reinforced Concrete Bridges Subject to Corrosion.” Structural Safety, 31(4), 275-283.
  3. Choe, D., Gardoni, P., Rosowsky, D., and Haukaas, T. (2008). “Probabilistic Capacity Models and Seismic Fragility Estimates for RC Columns Subject to Corrosion.” Reliability Engineering & System Safety , 93(3), 383-393.
  4. Choe, D., Gardoni, P., and Rosowsky, D. (2007). “Closed-form Fragility Estimates Parameter Sensitivity and Bayesian Updating for RC Columns.” Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE, 133(7), 833-843.

Research Projects:

Uncertainty, reliability, and Probabilistic Modeling of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (NSF award # 1700406)

Recruiting, Retaining, and Promoting for Careers in Transportation (UTC- TranSET)


Industrial Projects:

1. Structural analysis/design of Blast-Resistant Structures including projects at the following facilities:

  • BP Cherry Point, Blaine, WA
  • BP, North Slope, AK
  • BP Toledo, Blaine, WA
  • ConocoPhillips, Ferndale, Washington
  • ConocoPhillips Refinery, Billings, Montana
  • ENGlobal Engineering, Port Arthur, Texas
  • ExxonMobil Singapore
  • Hunt Oil Refinery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • ICM Afghanistan (Canadian Dept of State)
  • LDH Energy, Geismar, LA
  • Marathon Catlettsburg, Kentucky
  • Valero Benicia Refinery, Benicia, California
  • Valero Corpus Christi, TX
  • Valero Memphis, TN

2. Complete Analysis of Nuclear Plant Facility:

  • Nanyang Nuclear Plant, China, Westinghouse.

3. Risk analysis on the following project :

  • Independent Risk Assessment for Safe Harbor LNG Deepwater Port, United States Coast Guard
  • Comparison of API & IEC Standards for Offshore Wind Turbine Applications in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean, by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) , Phase I & II, 2009
  • Verification of ABS Wind Turbine Certification Criteria., by ABS(American Bureau of Shipping), 2010.