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Why the SLAP?


As the field of agriculture and health sciences continues to grow so does the need for experienced professionals with skills that could enhance the industry and its relationship with the consumer. According to researchers Love and Yoder(1994), “leadership development has been identified as one of the objectives of undergraduate agriculture degree programs in land-grant colleges throughout the United States” (p.1).

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"five hiring attributes that Google looks at in determining new hires: general cognitive ability, emergent leadership, intellectual humility, ownership, and the least important attribute is expertise"

- Laszlo Bock (Sr. VP of People Operations for Google)

SLAP Mission

The mission of the Student Leadership Apprentice Program is to impart the knowledge of seasoned leaders and experts to undergraduate college students at land-grant institutions while preparing them to become game changers and agricultural leaders of tomorrow. The Student Leadership Apprentice Program (S.L.A.P.) is built on the foundation of the one college concept that unifies teaching, research and outreach.


Program Overview and Goals

In order to support the needs of the agriculture industry, colleges of agriculture throughout the nation, like the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences at Prairie View A&M University, must find creative and innovative ways to support our student’s career success and prepare them to compete with their peers who will have similar academic achievements. The Student Leadership Apprentice Program (SLAP) was cofounded by Director LaRachelle Smith and Dr. Danielle Y. Hairston-Green whose research inspired the core competencies for the program that develop individual leadership abilities by:

  1. Helping you identify areas for growth based on your career and leadership goals
  2. Engaging you in dynamic discussions lead by the Executive Mentors who will provide mentorship, support, guidance and networking opportunities
  3. Teaching you to articulate your leadership strengths
  4. Providing tangible experiences that support you in cultivating your abilities

This is a one-year, not-for-credit program open to all undergraduate students and student staff in the Colleges of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS). At the close of this program, the successful Apprentice will:

  • Complete a Personal and Professional Leadership Plan (PPLP)
  • Have the ability to articulate a Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Participate in a capstone presentation for the CAHS
  • Graduate to Peer Mentor for future Apprentices
  • Seek to acquire a position of leadership within 5 years of graduation
Core Content Areas

Root Cause Analysis

How to determine issues to address in leadership

Setting a Professional Agenda

How to identify policy agenda and specify changes to implement

Identifying Core Values

How to explore the core values that motivate the work you do, as well as the connection between leadership and core values

Assessing Leadership Skills

How to conduct an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and build on them

Clarifying Your Vision

How to brainstorm and clarify a vision for change

Picking a Platform for Change

How to explore potential issues for change and identify methods that make most sense

Backwards Mapping

How to develop a timeline for the steps you need to take to achieve your goals


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