Land Grant Support Units

Units (Academic Programs – Research – Extension)

Agricultural Sciences

Kwaku Addo, Program Coordinator

Human Nutrition and Food

Beverly Copeland, Program Coordinator

Graduate Human Sciences

Richard McWhorter, Program Coordinator

Dietetics Internship Program

Sharon McWhinney, Program Coordinator

Advanced Spatial Technologies Unit

Ram Ray, Unit Leader

The Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies Unit focuses on the use and development of advanced spatial technologies in research, teaching and extension at CAHS. This unit is dedicated to work with the researchers, faculty and staffs of CAHS to enhance the research, teaching and outreach activities using advanced geospatial technologies. The main goal of this unit is to develop spatial database using Geographical Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing (RS) and other geospatial software at local, regional and global scales to support the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences programs at CAHS. This unit will also develop an advanced geospatial technology lab as a multi-disciplinary resource lab for teaching, research and to introduce and make geospatial technologies available to a wide variety of researchers, professionals, and students for basic applied research and training.

Biometrics and Agricultural Statistics Unit

Yoonsung Jung, Unit Leader

Biometrics and Agricultural Statistics Unit is a unit within the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences to support statistical issues for all members of the university research, teaching and extension including faculty, researcher, staff, and students, and to collaborate with inside and outside community, and industrial clients. The goals of statistics unit are to enhance the quality of research, to enrich the statistics education and training, and to enrich the statistical knowledge of research groups.

Risk Management and Policies Unit

Alfred Parks, Unit Leader

The Risk Management and Policy Units’ mission/purpose is to provide economic analysis and policy interpretation that will enable limited resource individuals, families and small businesses to make informed decisions that minimize their exposure to risk. In so doing, the unit supports the ongoing programmatic activities of each of the focus areas of the college- academic, research and outreach.

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