Gardening In The Classroom

Gardening In The Classroom

          The 4-H and Youth Development component of the Cooperative Extension Program in cooperation with USDA – Farm Service Agency sponsors an innovative youth gardening project for urban 5th and 6th graders. Through the direction of Extension professionals and science classroom teachers at the schools, students are afforded hands-on opportunities in learning about vegetable gardening and gaining a better understanding and insight into the production and marketing of agricultural products.

        The students are exposed to learning experiences through their participation in a vegetable gardening educational program (in and outside the classroom), and get the tools needed for conducting method demonstration plots, vegetable production and agricultural entrepreneurship.

          By expanding the traditional classroom, students will explore the benefits of planting, growing and harvesting of fresh vegetables. Teaching young people about food and fiber production is the main focus of the project. Encouraging the students to become active members of a 4-H Club is an added bonus.
          The culminating event of this project will involve students in structural activities that allow them to confidently face and accept the challenges associated with careers in the food, agriculture and natural resource industry. “From the Classroom…To the Garden…To the Table…Agribusiness in Process.”

For More Information Contact: 
Dr. Rukeia Draw-Hood
4-H Program Leader
Cooperative Extension Program
Prairie View A&M University

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