CARC – Scientist Profile – Shaye Lewis


Shaye Lewis Ph. D.
Research Scientist


Post Doctoral., Baylor College of Medicine (Urology / Developmental Biology)
Ph.D., Texas A&M University (Physiology of Reproduction)
M.S., Prairie View A&M University (Animal Science)
B.Sc., Prairie View A&M University (Biology)

Key Interests

Animals System, Reproductive Performance, Genetic Improvement Animal Genome

Expertise and Current Research Interests

My research expertise includes female reproductive physiology, the development and function of the male reproductive tract especially the testes, and developmental and physiological genomics. I have established research interests in the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating the development and function of the testes and which influences spermatogenesis. I use a variety of cell and animal models including goats, and mice. The long-term goal of research in my lab is to identify molecular biomarkers in seminal plasma that reveal the quality and fertilizability of mature spermatozoa. I want to develop low-cost diagnostic tools to screen males for potential fertility. To accomplish this, I take a functional genomics approach to identify novel genes important for testes development and function.

Contact Information

Office: P.O. Box 519; MS 2008, AGRL, RM 158, Prairie View, TX 77446
Phone: (936) 261-5033
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Recent Publications

Mounia Tannour-Louet, Shaye K. Lewis, Jean-Francois Louet, Julie Stewart, Josephine B. Addai, Aysegul Sahin, Hima V. Vangapandu, Annisa L. Lewis Kristin Dittmar, Robia G. Pautler, Lixin Zhang, Roy G. Smith, Dolores J. Lamb. 2013 Selective Targeting of CYP24A1 as a Rational Approach for Vitamin D3 Based Therapies in Human Prostate Cancer. Co-first author Submitted (FASEB J. 28, 364-372, 2014).

Kathleen Hwang, Shaye Lewis, Dolores Lamb. 2010.  Stem cell research: implications for urology.  AUA Update Series. 29 (Lesson 8): 77-84, 2010.

Lewis SK, Farmer JL, Burghardt RC, Newton GR, Johnson GA, Adelson DL, Bazer FW, Spencer TE.  2007.  Galectin 15 (LGALS15): A gene uniquely expressed in the uteri of sheep and goats that function in trophoblast attachment.  Biology of Reproduction 77: 1027-1036

M.M. Joyce, J.F. Gonzalez, S. Lewis, S. Woldesenbet, R.C. Burghardt, G.R. Newton and G.A. Johnson.  2005. Caprine uterine and placental osteopontin expression is distinct among epitheliochorial implanting species.  Placenta 26: 160-170.

Woldesenbet S, Garcia R, Igbo N, Leake J, Lewis SK, and Newton GR.  2004.  Lectin receptors for endometrial H-type 1 antigen on goat conceptuses.  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 52: 74-80.

Synergistic Activities

Member of the initial Working Group for the NSF-funded project, Infrastructure and Training to Bring Next-generation Sequence (NGS) Analysis Into Undergraduate Education. The goal is to prepare faculty to guide students as co-investigators in novel genome research.

Invited to participate in the Banbury Center meeting on High Performance Computing in Undergraduate Biology Education: Scanning the Landscape. The objective is to discuss IF and HOW we can expand educational access to HPC to allow more students to analyze biology’s big data.

Mentor for SMART Summer Research Program, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 2012

Mentor for Saturday Morning Science Summer Research Program, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 2012

Mentor for HGSC-G/GREAT Summer Research Program, Human Genome Sequencing Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 2012

Invited to the FASEB MARC 2012 Leadership Development and Grantsmanship Training Seminar Program. Chantilly, Virginia, August 24-25, 2012

Keynote Lecture, 3rd Annual Science Technology Engineering Agriculture Mathematics (STEAM) Research Symposium at Prairie View A&M University titled “Maintaining Thriving in Research: Come take your place at the Table: Minority Advancement in Science. Prairie View, Texas 2012

Guest Lecture, Café Scientifique Seminar Series – Implantation Biology and Successful Pregnancy…  Why so Many Pregnancy Failures?  Sponsored by Sigma Xi Science Café, Bryan, Texas. (Coordinators: Dr. Marian Hyman and Kate Stumpo) 2008

Collaborators & Other Affiliations


Josephine Addai, Kristin Dittmar, Dolores Lamb, Annisa Lewis, Jean-Francois Louet, Robia Pautler, Aysegul Sahin, Roy Smith, Julie Stuart, Mounia Tannour-Louet, and Hima Vangapandu: Department of Urology, Baylor College of Medicine; Fuller Bazer, Robert Burghardt, Gregory Johnson, and Gary Newton: Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M University and Cooperative Agriculture Research and International Goat Research Centers, Prairie View A&M University.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

Graduate Co-chairs/advisors: Fuller W. Bazer, Ph.D., Texas A&M University and Thomas Spencer, Ph.D., Washington State University;

Postdoctoral advisor: Dolores J. Lamb, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine


2013 – Research Scientist, Prairie View A&M University