CARC – Scientist Profile – Peter Ampim

Peter Ampim

Peter Ampim Ph. D.
Research Scientist


Post Doctoral, Texas A&M University (Environmental Soil Science and Water Quality)
Ph.D., Mississippi State University (Weed Science)
M.S., Alcorn State University (Agronomy)
B.S., (Hons.), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana (Natural Resources Management)

Key Interests

Best field management practices for crops especially vegetables and fruits, community gardening, water management in cropping systems and water quality issues.

Contact Information

Office: P.O. Box 519; MS 2008, CARC building, Prairie View, TX 77446
Phone: (936) 261-5096

Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Sloan, J.J, P.A.Y. Ampim, R.I. Cabrera, S.A. George, and W.A. Mackay. 2011. Moisture and nutrient storage capacity of calcined expanded shale. In B. E. O. Gungor (ed.) Principles, application and assessment in soil science, INTECH Open Access Publisher, Croatia (invited).

Massey, J.H., P. A.Y. Ampim, B. R. Stewart, M.J. Carroll, and M.C. Cade. 2009. Field design and quality control considerations for turfgrass runoff studies conducted for modeling purposes. p. 111-121. In M.T. Nett et al. (eds.) Pesticide exposure assessment and predictive modeling tools. American Chemical Society (ACS) Symposium Series No. 1028, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC (invited).

Journal Articles

Sloan, J.J., P.A.Y. Ampim, N.T. Basta, and R. Scott. 2012. Addressing the need for soil blends and amendments for the highly modified urban landscape. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 76:1133-1141 (invited).

Ampim, P.A.Y., J.J. Sloan, R.I. Cabrera, D.A. Harp, and F.H. Jaber. 2010. Green roof growing substrates: Types, ingredients, composition and properties. J. of Environ. Hort. 28:244-252.

Sloan, J.J., R.I. Cabrera, Peter A.Y. Ampim, S.A. George, and W.A. Mackay. 2010. Performance of ornamental plants in alternative organic growing media amended with increasing rates of expanded-shale. HortTechnology 20: 594-602.

Extension Publications

Jaber, F., and P.A.Y. Ampim. 2011. Using vegetative filter strips to improve water quality. AgriLife Extension, Texas A&M University System. B-6246.

Ampim, P.A.Y., and F. Jaber.2011. Improving water quality using grassed waterways. AgriLife Extension. Texas A&M University System. L-5532.

Abstracts and Conference Presentations

33 to date