College of Agriculture and Human Sciences

College of Agriculture and Human Sciences

Performance of Legume and Grain Cover Crops Under South East Texas Conditions

Cover crops are known for their benefits to farmers and ranchers since they can improve soil quality and health, suppress weeds, reduce pollution and erosion among other environmental benefits. However, information on the most suited cover crop for south east Texas is lacking. A multi-disciplinary team* from the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center has been working [...]

CAHS Technology Resources Help Get Job Done

New resources are available to assist the CAHS faculty and staff with presentations, research analysis, and professional development. Give these tools a try and contact the department of marketing, communications and IT (DOMCiT) if there are additional resources to add to this list. NVivo As the purveyors of information from a premiere agricultural research center [...]

Mentoring the Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers

Faculty and staff within the Department of Agriculture Nutrition and Human Ecology and the Cooperative Extension Program collaborated on a series of workshops for new and beginning farmers and ranchers interested in production farming and enhancing production efficiencies. The project was funded by a NIFA grant emphasizing practical skillsets and applications needed to manage a [...]

Deputy Director Makes Seminar Presentation

L’Oreal Stepney, Deputy Director, Office of Water at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), visited campus on Thursday, February 2, where she met Cajetan Akujuobi, Vice-President of Research and Dean of the Graduate Studies, before giving a seminar presentation. During her talk she gave detailed information on the TCEQ Office of Water covering the [...]

Chair of AEA Hosts 2017 Winter Meeting

Houston, Texas was the host site for the 2017 Winter meeting of the 1890 Association of Extension Administrators (AEA). Mark Latimore, Immediate Past Chair, passed the gavel to Carolyn Williams, Associate Administrator for the Cooperative Extension Program at PVAMU to begin her two-year term as Chair of AEA.  The AEA Chair is also responsible for [...]

¡Enseñame el Dinero! (Show me the Money)

The State of Texas’ Hispanic population is on the fast track to growth. The 10,405,000 Hispanics makes up 39% of the state’s entire population. Based on a 2014 American Community Survey, the median annual earnings of working age Hispanics is $22,000. In 2013 the United States (U.S.) Census Bureau estimated the median household income just [...]

James E. Tatum Scholarship Recipients Named

College of Agriculture and Human Sciences’ students Victoria Parker and Tiffany Latin are the recipients of the National Organization of Professional Black Natural Resources Conservation Service Employees (NOPBNRCSE) James E. Tatum $1,000.00 Scholarship.  PVAMU winners are two of only ten recipients across the nation. This scholarship program is committed to providing ten (10) $1,000.00 scholarships [...]

CEP Extension Agents Appointed to State Duds to Dazzle Contest Committee

CEP extension agents, project leaders and youth are gearing up to compete in various clothing & textile competitions. During September, CEP extension agents participated in CEP’s 4-H STEAM Conference, held in Houston. All trainings were designed to help staff and volunteers lead various youth-oriented competitions. County clothing and textile trainings facilitated by Joice A. Jeffries, [...]

CAHS Red Carpet Project: Applying Course Knowledge and Skills

College of Agriculture and Human Sciences’ Instructor Andrea McDonald’s Food Principles and Meal Management class ended the semester with their culminating project: an annual Holiday Party in May Hall on November 30, 2016. Applying principles learned during the semester such as recipe yielding, meal prepping and serving, the class planned the meal for 50 individuals. The [...]

Extension Specialists Attend White House Initiative

According to the U.S. Department of Education, President Jimmy Carter signed an executive order in 1980 establishing a federal program “to overcome the effects of discriminatory treatment and to strengthen and expand the capacity of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) to provide quality education”. In 2011, President Barack Obama established the National HBCU Week [...]