Application Checklist

Note: Students accepted into the internship program must submit a separate completed application packet to the graduate school for admission to the university. Transcripts, recommendations and other information submitted to the internship program are not part of the graduate school application, and should be submitted to the university with the graduate application after the match process and upon admission to the internship program. See graduate admissions at The Graduate School for more detail.

Application Packet to DICAS should include the following: 
___ Standard ADA application
___ Official Transcript(s)
___ Recommendation Forms
___ Personal statement
___ Declaration of intent to complete if Degree is not completed
___Verification Statement if degree is completed and all DPD requirements are met

All students applying to the internship must apply to D&D Digital for computer matching

___ Application fee $50.00 payable through PVAMU Marketplace

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed


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