Where Are They Now: Dr. Eric Clemons

July 8 – Prairie View A&M University is known for making small-town dreams come true. This is especially true for Dr. Eric Clemons, who grew up in the rural town of Dimebox, Texas, immersed in the agriculture industry.

Clemons began his journey at PVAMU in 2007 as an Animal Science major with big dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Throughout his time in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, he participated in MANNRS and worked on the university farm studying horticulture and tending to the goats at the International Goat Research Center.

As an early admit to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences veterinary program, Clemons would finish his degree at Texas A&M University and moved into his program at the end of 2011. Upon finishing vet school, he began his career practicing small animal medicine. With a few more years of practice under his belt, Dr. Clemons currently works in emergency and some large animal medicine treating a variety of animals.

Now, as a veterinarian with his clinic, Clemons has the freedom to work when and where he desires. The passion he developed for treating animals while at the CAHS has given him the momentum to be a standout veterinarian not only in his community but surrounding areas as well. “I work a week at a time in my release clinic, and then I’ll come home and do something at home, either for my personal animals or something veterinary related. There’s another clinic where I do some release work at. It’s different than most vets that are usually in one clinic and work a set schedule. I kind of come and go as my schedule fits.”

The impact PVAMU has on its students is undeniable. In Clemons case, being a CAHS student opened doors for him that he had not considered before and helped guide him in a direction that he believes he wouldn’t have made it to on his own. “PV diversified me a little bit. I can go any and everywhere. If you can make it at PV, you can make it anywhere. I met a lot of people that got me started and helped me get contacts that set me up with the program at A&M.” He credits Dr. Milton Daley and Dr. Wash Jones with being two of his best influencers while he was a student as they both instilled in him great lessons for his life and his career.

For future CAHS students, Clemons suggests taking advantage of all the resources that are available. “PV has a really good base as far as agriculture goes. They have the facilities, the tools, and the knowledge to be on the cutting edge of agriculture. What you get out of that depends on the student. You have to put forth that effort.”

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