Building Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is located in the Northwest corner of the campus in the Physical Plant Administration  Building.

  • Building Maintenance is responsible for the overall accomplishment of all phases of facilities maintenance and repairs for all University Facilities.
  • University Facilities consists of over 2.4 million square feet and include the main campus located in Prairie View, the College of Nursing in Houston, and the Northwest Center in Houston.
  • It is important that Building Maintenance be advised of any planned alterations or additions to any structure including electrical, plumbing, furnishings, and installed equipment. This is required in order to have knowledge of the exact condition and configuration of Prairie View’s facilities at all times.
  • Departments make non-emergency requests via:
    • email –
    • fax -936.261.9709
    • in person – Physical Plant Operations Building
    • or by mail – P.O. Box 155, Prairie View, Texas 77446
    • by using the Work Order Request Form found on the web site.
  • Please complete the form with as much detail as possible, contact information is vital in order to review and schedule work.
  • A “Work Request” may originate from anyone on campus; however, all forms must be approved by the Senior Building Coordinator and/or budgetary authority for the requesting  department.
  • The security of all buildings and rooms on campus is the joint responsibility of those personnel issued keys as well as Facilities Maintenance and the University Police.  A Work Requestform should be submitted to Building Maintenance for all new key requests.  The form may be accessed via the Building Maintenance webpage.
  • The requesting department will be notified when the work is completed and an appointment will be scheduled for the pickup of keys at the Physical Plant from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Keys must be picked up by the person being issued the key and they will be required to sign for the key.
  • If for any reason a person should leave the employment of the University, all keys will be required to be turned in to Human Resources prior to the last day of employment.  No keys will be duplicated or locks changed without permission from the Senior Building Coordinator.  Request for lock or key service must be performed by completing the Key Request Form information:
    • Complete description of work requested (i.e., what, when, where and why)
    • Number of keys required
    • Purchase Orders will be required for services outside day to day functions
    • Signature of the Senior Building Coordinator
    • The Department of Public Safety is responsible for unlocking entrance doors to academic and administrative buildings by 6:00 a.m. on normal business days.
    • Department of Public Safety employees will not unlock any other doors for any reason without permission from their supervisor.
    • If a door must be unlocked due to an emergency, please contact the Department of Public Safety at X 1375.
    • Lost/Stolen/Missing keys are to be reported immediately to the Physical Plant Lock Shop by the person in custody of the key.
    • Persons finding lost or missing keys on campus are also requested to turn them in to the Physical Plant Lock Shop.

    What is an emergency?

    •• No power or the loss of power.
    •• Leaking pipes, window seals, or roof leaks.
    ••  Broken glass, from window, door or mirrors
    ••  Locked Office or Classroom
    •• Overflowing restroom fixtures
    •• A clogged drain, commodes, sinks, etc.
    ••  Elevator Entrapment or Non-Operable Elevator
    •• Any other issue that may cause bodily injury or become a Health Hazard, Trip Hazard, etc.

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