The Prairie View A&M University Fabrication Design Center

September 20, 2017

Digital Fabrication Center

The Prairie View A&M University Fabrication Design Center is the newest facility for the School of Architecture. This innovative space will house a variety of equipment that allows students to build, develop and test ideas. The Center is divided into assembling and equipment spaces. This state-of-the-art facility houses the latest technology in laser cutters, CNC routers, wood and metal tools as well as 3D printers. The intent of the Center is to centralize the process of construction in a single location so that there are more opportunities for peer to peer learning, collaboration and cross-disciplinary interaction.

The Architecture looks to the Prairie

The Fabrication Center was designed as an elevated plane that references the “prairie”. This plane hovers over the exterior brick walls allowing light to filter into the space. The brick exterior walls reference the extrusion of the plane by revealing the earth’s strata. The entrance, deeply recessed, creates a covered outdoor gathering space, while the landscape embraces the building thus creating uncovered gathering space. The building is divided programmatically into three areas; shops, assembly and digital fabrication. As the visitor moves through the space, light monitors and clerestory windows offer illumination and connection to the sky. The interior walls of the assembly space become areas of display for students work. This is a new and exciting facility that will inspire architecture students and their work, not only by providing an unconventional model space, but also by housing state-of-the-art equipment.