College of Business Scholarships

Scholarship funding may be available to eligible students who have been admitted to or are enrolled at Prairie View A&M University and meet the scholarship criteria.  College of Business Scholarships are awarded in the semester(s) following the semester in which the scholarship applications are received and completed (e.g., students who apply for and are awarded scholarships in fall will receive financial support in the spring semester).

College of Business Annual Scholarship Applications and Deadlines

The College of Business Scholarship application period for the 2019-2020 academic year (fall 2019 and spring 2020) is closed.  Check back for updates in October 2019.

College of Business Scholarship Endowments

To streamline the application and award process and make more funds available to eligible students, applications for College of Business Scholarship Endowment funds are now accessible through the Office of Student Financial Aid scholarship application portal.  Please tap or click on the link to start the application process and follow the instructions provided.

College of Business Scholarship Endowments include (but are not limited to) the following scholarships:

  • Dr. Henri L. Bailey, III Scholarship
  • Lucy Sterling Boone Memorial Scholarship
  • William M. Green Scholarship
  • Herman and Juanita Garland House Scholarship
  • Mary Lee Hodge Scholarship
  • Illinois Tool Works Scholarship
  • Dr. Sonja Langley Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Samuel Metters Scholarship
  • Judge Owen Ralston Scholarship
  • Bob Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • Joseph A. Scott, Jr. Scholarship
  • Joseph and Johnetta Thomas Scholarship
  • Esther Johnson Tyler Memorial Scholarship
  • Ada L. Till College of Business Faculty Scholarship for Graduate Students