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Students who wish to complete their undergraduate coursework in the fields accounting and management can take courses offered at the PVAMU Northwest Houston Center. The PVAMU Northwest Houston Center (NWHC) is conveniently located in northwest Houston close to Tomball Parkway (SH 249) and FM 1960.  Students with associates’ degrees or some coursework toward a bachelor’s degree can earn credit taking classes in the evening or on the weekend through the College of Business.  Courses are taught by PVAMU faculty. Scholarship assistance may be available to qualified students.  For additional information about the BBA degree completion programs offered through the College of Business at the PVAMU NWHC, please contact us.


Mr. Wayne Ballentine (936) 261-9213

Mr. Daniel Kennebrew  (936) 261-9206

Ms. Carolyn S. Davis  (936) 261-9200

Accounting The mission of the accounting program is to offer high quality, comprehensive accounting education which prepares students for immediate employment in the private and public sectors as well as for graduate or professional education. Students, who are the program’s most valued stakeholders, are provided an accounting curriculum that offers a general business education in a liberal arts setting which encourages logical, analytical and creative strategic thinking. Students also engage in positive competition to enable them to develop into confident, global-minded individuals who possess the requisite knowledge and skills to become leaders in their organizations. Accounting Degree Plan (pdf) Management Management is important in our modern society:

  • Managers are needed in businesses, government and non-profit organizations,
  • A manager’s functions include, but are not limited to, planning, organizing and leading,
  • A manager’s responsibility is to use financial, human and information resources to attain organizational goals.

Management Degree Plan (pdf)


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