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The Prairie View A&M University College of Business Mentor/Protégé Connection (IMPACT) offers students the opportunity to develop their professional insights and networks through the guidance of a career mentor. Mentoring has proven to be an effective strategy which can contribute significantly to professional development. How do students make sound decisions about their careers? How do they find out if they are in the right area, how to handle specific problems or what direction to move in? Learning from the experiences of others can be a great way to develop a student’s career path and to help him or her realize their potential.


IMPACT is expected to be a bonus to all parties in the relationship. Student protégés will immediately benefit from assistance with career development, lifestyle enhancement, goal achievement and other areas mutually designated by the mentor and protégé. Mentors develop a deeper awareness of their own behavior, improved interpersonal skills in listening, modeling and leading for personal growth. Moreover, IMPACT will enable alumni, members of industry and professionals to connect with the College of Business, as well as current and future colleagues in their field.

Applications (Word documents) are now available.  For more information, please contact one of the IMPACT Program Coordinators: Mr. Danny Harvey –, (936) 261-9221 or Mr. Cleveland Stiff –, (936) 261-9263.  Interested participants may also download program information.



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