Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

The Prairie View A&M University College of Business strives to be among the best regional business schools in the nation by empowering students from diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential.

Mission Statement:

The Prairie View A&M University College of Business provides students from diverse academic and socioeconomic backgrounds with education that helps them become business professionals and leaders who are ethical, entrepreneurial, productive, and prepared to succeed in the global economy.  The College achieves excellence through quality teaching, research, service, and engagement with the business community.

Core Values:

  1. Teaching is our first priority with an assigned weight of 50 percent in the faculty performance evaluation (and merit) processes.
    1. The College expects the faculty to offer high quality teaching and learning, using a variety of methods, technology, and a contemporary curriculum to meet the learning needs of students from a wide range of backgrounds.
    2. The teaching mission encompasses the dissemination of knowledge with emphasis on problem solving, practical application of knowledge, and service learning.
    3. Faculty members are encouraged to use innovative methods to maximize student learning, and to participate in regular assessment for continuous improvement.
    4. The College seeks to educate students from diverse backgrounds with the potential to become productive ethical professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
    5. The curriculum is designed to produce managers and entrepreneurs with an appreciation of the social responsibility of business.
    6. The college takes a holistic approach to assist students with weak academic backgrounds. Pre-college programs, admissions requirements, curriculum design, support services, and pedagogies are tailored to help these students acquire the motivation and skills requisite for their academic, personal and professional success.
  2. Research (Intellectual Contributions) is an important goal for the COB faculty members with an assigned weight of 30 percent in the faculty performance evaluation (and merit) process.
    1. The College encourages high-quality intellectual contributions on a broad range of topics that impact the theory, practice, and teaching of business and management.
    2. The College supports interdisciplinary and collaborative research efforts.
    3. Note: the assigned weight of 30 percent is applicable to tenured and tenure-track faculty only.
  3. Service is a priority in the College with an assigned weight of 20 percent in the performance evaluation (and merit) process
    1. The faculty and staff are encouraged to share their time and expertise to serve various stakeholders.
    2. As a land grant institution, the College seeks to partner with the local business community and entrepreneurs to positively impact small business and economic development.
    3. In addition to serving in committees within their Department, College, and the University to advance the institution’s mission, COB faculty and staff members are also encouraged to engage with professional associations in their relevant areas of expertise and interest to positively impact the society.

(Approved by the COB faculty on September, 2015)

PVAMU College of Business Strategic Plan 2015-2019