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A Special Message from the VP of Student Affairs

On February 18th, following my letter outlining changes in housing, hundreds of students attended an open forum to discuss those changes. In my view, thanks to the openness and candor of those who attended, we had an engaging and passionate discussion about a number of the challenges that students continue to face in housing availability; [...]

A Special Message from the VP of Student Affairs

Our community is shaken by the on campus shootings on January 30thand last night. These events challenge our sense of community and safety. Although no one was hurt during these incidents, there is no place for these acts within our Prairie View community. The university is committed to their immediate end. Investigations from last night’s [...]

Special Message from the VP of Student Affairs

Toward the end of last semester, I wrote you an update on the ongoing challenges within Panther Hill (PH) apartments. At that time, I also promised the creation of an office that would be responsible for supporting all of off-campus student life. This new office would work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that our students [...]

A Special Message from the VP of Student Affairs

As the fall semester draws to an end, and in light of recent discussions regarding the semester-long challenges among our students living at privately owned Panther Hill (PH) Apartments within the town of Prairie View, I write to provide a brief update on some of the things that the university has done to support our [...]

VP for Student Affairs Welcomes Panthers Back to The Hill

Welcome Back! It is my pleasure to welcome you back to “The Hill.” I trust that you had a restful and productive summer, and return ready for even greater challenges and accomplishments. Since my arrival, over four weeks ago, I have experienced the “new day” feeling that permeates throughout the campus and that is symbolized [...]

2018 Humanitarian Awards