Mission Statement, General Purpose & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and maintain a parking infrastructure that gets people where they need to be as courteously, safely, and efficient as possible.

General Purpose of Parking Management Team

The Parking Management Department exists to provide assistance in enforcing the Parking Vehicle Regulations. The team is also expected to assist the University by giving attention to safety and customer service issues for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. All team members are expected to work toward fulfilling the mission statements of the Parking Management Department and Prairie View A&M University.

Our Philosophy of Parking Enforcement

We enforce the Student Affairs mission of eliminating obstacles that can hinder the educational progress of students. The purpose of Parking Management at PVAMU is to provide a safe and sensible environment for faculty, staff, students, and the community to access parking surfaces and facilities. The Parking Management Department diligently enforces the parking regulations while preserving the priority of customer service: a challenging but attainable balance.