Appeal Procedure

Parking Appeal Procedure

The Appeals Committee will operate independent of faculty, staff and administrators. They will meet every other Thursday at 9:30am in the MSC conference room 203.

An appeal must be completed online WITHIN 14 CALENDAR DAYS OF THE DATE ON WHICH THE CITATION WAS WRITTEN using the form found here Online Appeals   

If one chooses to appeal a citation online, the Parking Appeal must COMPLETED ENTIRELY or the review board will not be able to review the appeal.

It is not mandatory for the appellant to appear before the committee. If one chooses to appear before the committee, it is the duty of the person to appear at the scheduled hearing in his/her own behalf. The hearing will not be rescheduled. If an applicant or an online form is not presented at the appointed time of hearing, the appeal will be disapproved and the applicant will be responsible for payment of ticket without the opportunity of re-appeal.

The Appeals Committee may request the presence of the issuing agent and his/her supervisor at the hearing to present testimony. The Appeals Committee may review past records of parking violations and whether a decal was purchased to reach their decision. The decision of the Appeals Committee is FINAL. When a decision has been reached, notification will be sent to the Parking Management Office and the person appealing by e-mail.

 Depending on the timing of the citation and the next scheduled Appeal Meeting the 14 day grace period may be exceeded.  In that case the appellant may wish to pay the citation and avoid any late fees that may be placed on their account.  Also, if either early or regular registration occurs while in the appeals process, the student must pay the penalty in order for a hold to be removed.   If the appellants request for appeal is granted a credit to the appellants account will be issued. However, failure to pay a parking penalty will result in a HOLD being placed on a student’s grades and records for registration purposes.

  Invalid Reasons for Appealing Citations

These are some commonly used defenses in appealing citations, all of which are rejected by the appeals board.

  1. “I knew I was illegally parked, but I had my flashers on.”
  2. “I saw the signs which said: NO PARKING ANYTIME, HANDICAPPED, est., but I was only parked for a minute.”
  3. “I was not aware I could not park there”
  4. “I have no knowledge of the parking rules”
  5. “I couldn’t find a parking space”
  6. “I parked there before and didn’t get ticketed”

After An Appeal Has Been Submitted

All citation appeals are reviewed by the Appeals Committee, the Appeals Committee will:

  1. Read the appeal and review the information on the citation
  2. Review the Parking Regulations that are relevant to the appeal
  3. Review other information, such as area maps or digital photographs est.
  4. Make a decision on the appeal

What The Appeals Committee Can Decide:

  • Reduced: The amount of the fine is lessened (payment must be made the day after the Appeals Committee meeting)
  • Approved: The citation is dismissed completely.
  • Disapproved: Citation is up help and payment must be made the day after the Appeals Committee Meeting.
  • Appeals Committee Decision in final

If you have further questions regarding your appeal or this process please feel free to contact us

  • Parking Management Office
    Harrington Science Bldg. Room 117
    Monday Thru Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    (Except on official University holidays)
    Office 936-261-1701