About your Tax-Deductible Investment

Dear Friends of KPVU Public Radio,

We thank you for your continued support and financial commitment to public radio on KPVU 91.3FM!! Since 1981, we have been able to provide listeners with over three decades of music, news, sports and public affairs programming, however, community funding to enhance our services is paramount to the station’s continued success.   Contributors who support public radio are instrumental in helping us to entertain, enlighten, educate, and empower–because the more we continue to inform and prepare a generation, the better our lives will become. When contributing to KPVU public radio, please consider the following:

  • Your membership at KPVU remains invaluable in providing opportunities to enhance our student development, news, public affairs programming and innovative music services.
  • KPVU must sustain the station’s daily operations through non-federal financial support that comes from You–our listeners.
  • Your donation to KPVU is a win-win investment:  as your contribution is tax-deductible, your favorite programming continues and the station remains committed to enhancing its operations for listeners throughout the 7-County region and online communities.

Congratulations in advance on your wise decision and generous donation to invest in public radio, while helping KPVU to preserve 30+ years of broadcasting at 91.3FM!!!  Please make your contribution today by calling the KPVU Development Office at 936.261.3756 or www.pvamu.edu/KPVU or for easy access click here to Donate Online.   


Thank you.                                                                                                                       

The KPVU Membership Committee

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