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From 10,000 wattage to 31,000

“Reaching The Masses”


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has awarded KPVU 91.3 FM Broadcast Station Construction Permit. The funding comes from the US Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications an Information Administration (NTIA) through the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP) effective October 1, 2008. KPVU-FM is responsible for attaining $101,460 of this matching grant to solidify the process. The time frame to order, install, and test all necessary equipment will expire July 24, 2009.

KPVU Antenna



KPVU Pictures

  • Cleaning transmitter rooms.  Making room for the new equipment at the transmitter site.  
  • Making room for the new equipment at the transmitter site. 
  • Transporting the new equipment in the transmitter rooms
  • Cutting Ribbon Ceremony






Phase 4


Phase 4
Transporting the equipment


Transporting the equipmentTransporting the equipmentPhase 4Power Player

Cash speaks in the public radio business.  Providing quality music, news, informational programs, and a training facility for students – that’s what KPVU-FM 91.3 does for you. It helps us make our case that the radio broadcast  industry is important and its viability must stay. We need you to help us.  By supporting your public radio station, KPVU, you understand the value of local radio.  All of our best programming efforts will fall short if KPVU contributions are not there to back up our ongoing progress.  We must continue this fight with our best weapon available: contributions from our alumni, members, and listeners to support our mission and who understand our business, providing music to the masses.

Pledge your support to this effort by contacting
(936) 261-3750 or
online @ Donate Online


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