PVU-KNO (Student Station)


KPVU is the parent station of PVU-Kno Radio. PVU-Kno Radio is a student run Internet Radio Station. PVU-Kno is a non-commercial student-run public radio entity. PVU-Kno launched Homecoming Fall 2011. PVU-Kno operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. PVU-Kno is listener supported. PVU-Kno is operated by the students and staff members of KPVU-FM 91.3. PVU-Kno radio mixes a plethora of music genres from Gospel, R&B, contemporary Jazz, and Hip-Hop. PVU-Kno host talk shows, interviews, sports and everything in between from top to bottom. PVU-Kno serves as a hands-on-training opportunity for students to learn radio, audio, broadcast announcing, public speaking, writing and marketing.

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