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Have you been tested? Do you know what the signs of HIV are? Do you have questions that your friends can’t answer about STDs and HIV/AIDS? What is the difference of drinking and being drunk? Well Prairie View A&M University’s Health Center offers students a service that educates students from students. This service is called Panther PhD’s: Panthers Promoting Healthy Decisions. We are located in the basement level of Owens Franklin Health Center on campus. We offer a variety of services such as HIV/AIDS counseling, HIV/AIDS testing (free for students), condoms, pamphlets, interesting facts and knowledge about STDs, and Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

What We Do

Panther PhDs Open HousePanther PhDs Open HouseThe program is designed to educate the PVAMU student as well as the community about the issues that students face today with drugs, alcohol, and sex. They all factor into one another therefore making each subject as important as the next. The program is ran by Gregory Rose, Project Director. The program allows Student Peer educators (SPEs) to educate their peers from a student view point. We feel that it is better to talk WITH the students rather than talk AT them for the sole purpose of getting a better understanding of the knowledge at hand. As students as well as professionals we are able to relate to our peers about the epidemic that is killing the African American community today….HIV/AIDS.

Our Purpose Panther PhDs Open House 2

Panther PhDs Open House

The goal for this program is to allow students to teach other students about the serious issues. The lack of knowledge in the African American community is what is killing us. If we don’t take the time to educate one another and ourselves it might be too late. The more you know about it (HIV/AIDS), the better you can prevent yourself from becoming infected. Coming from a student’s perspective, African American communities are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic at rates much greater than other communities. Education The goal of the Panther PhDs is to increase the awareness of HIV/AIDs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse in our community. The way we accomplish this goal is through workshops, seminars, training, in class presentations, panel discussions as well as setting up informational booths in local areas of campus. Prevention through education is the key to decrease the risk of these dangerous factors.


Looking to get tested well your in luck we offer confidential testing in the health center as a service for our students. Bring your friend, partner, etc.

HIV Testing is FREE, Condoms are FREE

Every Monday – Thursday from 2pm – 4:00pm

Owens Franklin Health Center

Join Us

Are you interested and helping others? Panther PhDs has a place for you. Join our team and become a Certified Peer Educator Click the link below and fill out the application and submit it to the Owens-Franklin Health Center.

PhD Membership Application

Need Materials for presentations, programs, workshops, etc. Come check us out and see what we have to offer. Click Here to fill out the Panther PhD Materials Request Form.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. If you have questions, comments, concerns you can call us at 936-261-1425 or email us at  To schedule an event with us or have one of our SPEs do a presentation Contact Gregory Rose, Project Director at . Feel free to learn more about our Program by visiting us on our Facebook page and Twitter page. Just click below. Follow us on Facebook.  follow us on twitter


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