How do I change my meal plan?
Changes to your meal plan can be made on PV Place during registration. The last day to change your meal plan is the 5th class day for the Fall/Spring semester.

What is a Panther card?
A Panther card has many purposes.  Primarily, your Panther Card is your official university ID.  Your Panther card is also a debit account that is accepted as a form of payment at many locations on and off campus.

Where is the Panther ID card office located?
Department of Auxiliary Enterprises
Memorial Student Center, 107

How do I obtain a Panther ID?
You must bring a photo ID (DL, state ID, high school ID, military ID or passport) along with your UIN number (student profile), no exceptions.  There is no charge for your first Panther ID.  There’s a $35 fee for a replacement.

Can I add funds to my account?
Yes, you can add funds to your account at any time.  Please go to  W.R. Banks Building and pay the funds to the cashier, the cashier will provide you with a receipt then you will proceed to the Auxiliary office for activation. If you have an overpayment go to Auxiliary and they will add panther bucks to your fees and activate your panther card.

Can I give my Panther card to someone else to use?
No.  Panther cards are non-transferable.  Cards include debit account, meal plans and more.  It is important to maintain custody of your card at all times.  Merchants are required to match the photo to the customer in their store.  Merchants or offices may confiscate ID cards presented that do not match the customer.  Confiscated cards are returned to the Auxiliary Enterprises office.

Can my son or daughter use a Panther ID to purchase alcohol?
No. All Panther card vendors sign an agreement not to accept Panther Card as a form of payment for alcohol or tobacco purchases.

If I am returning next year, what happens to the money on my Panther ID panther bucks account?
Panther Bucks on your Panther ID Card account will carry over from semester to semester.

When does my meal plan reset?
The meal plans reset each Monday throughout the semester.  Meal points are for the semester and do not reset.

Can I feed a guest?
Yes, if you take a guest into the cafeteria, the clerk will swipe your panther ID card twice.  The first swipe will be a meal for you and the second swipe will be meal points or panther bucks, which ever you have available, for your guest.

Do I have to have a meal plan if  I stay on campus?
Yes. All students residing on campus are required to have a meal plan.  If you do not select a meal plan the 17 meal plan will be assessed to your account.

Manage Your Panther ID: Lost or Stolen Cards
If your Panther ID has been lost or stolen, you should deactivate your card immediately until you’re able to go in for a replacement.  Replacement cards are $35, assessed to your school fees.  Call 936-261-1700 Auxiliary Enterprises: Monday – Friday 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. In order for us to assist you and identify your account, please have your campus UIN number available. Or you may deactivate your card online at Get Funds.

Are meal points and panther bucks the same?
No. meal points are dollars that comes with your meal selection courtesy of Sodexo.  Panther bucks are funds the student can add to their panther ID card from and overpayment, cash or credit card.

How do I make a general recommendation to Auxiliary Enterprises?
Please contact the office for any recommendations or concerns you may have that will help improve our program:

Department of Auxiliary Enterprises
Memorial Student Center, 107
M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Office : 936-261-1700
Fax: 936-261-1714