Security Division

The Prairie View Department of Public Safety (PVDPS) has a fully functional Security Division comprised of Seven Security Officers. Security Officers work in conjunction with commissioned Police Officers, to enhance the overall safety of the Campus. As PVDPS police officers are patrolling the campus, the University’s Security Division also is on the lookout for suspicious activities or emergency situations.

The Security Officers are hired, trained and supervised by the University Police Department and are assigned to the University as well as System-wide units, who contract for, and fund the positions. On campus there are security officers assigned to the J. B. Colman Library, Districts 1, 2 and 3, Student Living Areas (Phases I, II, III, University Collage) and all Parking Lots.

You may have seen Security Officers monitoring many areas of the PV campus. They are easy to spot as they are uniformed in gray shirts, with the word SECURITY plainly marked on the patches of their shirts and navy blue pants. These Security Officers normally will be on foot, but also use carts.
Security officers’ work hours and assignments that are customized to meet the unique needs of their respective departments or colleges. Typically the PVDPS Security Supervisor will meet with the client to determine the unique safety and security needs of the client that will be handled by the Security Officer. These customized tasks are codified in “Post Orders” that direct the daily activities of the Security Officers.

Departments or colleges interested in hiring Security Officers can contact Security Supervisor Relinda Grant (936) 261-1390 or at

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