Express Mail

Accountable Mail includes all Registered, Certified, Insured and Express Mail


Express Mail – is an extremely reliable and fast delivery service available from the U S Postal Service.  It reaches all major markets in the US and foreign countries.  Express mail provides for the shipment of letters, documents and other mailable items and carries document reconstruction insurance at no additional cost.  You may mail up to 70 lbs.
Registered mail is separated and does not travel with other First-Class mail because of the high degree of security.

See Sample at the bottom of this page

A numbered label and completed receipt must be affixed.

Return Receipt (Optional) – A return receipt is your proof of delivery. It is available for insured mail and with registered, certified and domestic express mail service.  The return receipt identifies the article number, who signed for it and the date it was delivered.  It is not necessary to utilize a return receipt on all certified or registered mailings.  Be certain to identify your Department Name, Address including the Mailstop (MS) number on any return receipt so we can route them back to your department.

Customer Benefits

  • Domestic Express Delivery is guaranteed by the U S Postal Service and provides for a full postage refund if the item is not delivered on time.
  • SAME DAY AIRPORT DELIVER is available for time critical items
  • Express Mail offers a variety of service options to meet your mailing needs.

Service Options:

  • Same Day Airport Delivery
  • Post Office to Addressee
  • Post Office to Post Office
  • Express Mail International Service

The following items are needed to prepare an Insured Mailing:

  • Express Mailing Label
  • Green Return Receipt (optional but recommended)

Supplies are available upon request through the Campus Mail Center at X-2321.

Express Mail Sample