Mail Stop Directory by Department


Research and Development
MS 1200
P O Box 519
Prairie View, TX  77446-0519
MS 1500
P O Box 519
Prairie View, TX  77446-0519
Building Name
Academic Affairs A. I. Thomas Building MS1023
Academic Enhancement Delco MS1505
Administration A. I. Thomas Building MS3400
Admissions Office Anderson Hall MS1009
Advising – University College University College MS3001
Agriculture Department Ag/Business Building MS2002
Agriculture Research (CARC) Ag Research Lab MS2008
All Faiths Chapel All Faiths Chapel MS1021
Alumni Relations Anderson Hall MS1218
American Campus Communities University Village MS3300
Architecture Kennedy Architecture Building MS 2100
Army ROTC Hobart Taylor Building MS2235
Arts & Sciences Brailsford Science Building MS2200
Athletics Athletics Complex MS1500
Auxiliary Services A. I. Thomas Building MS1400
Auxiliary Enterprises Tempton Memorial Student Center MS1403
Biology Brailsford Science Building MS2210
Business Affairs A. I. Thomas Building MS1300
Call Center Evans Hall MS1013
Campus Mail Center Hilliard Hall MS0519
Campus Telephone Office W. R. Banks Building MS1460
Career Services Evans Hall MS1028
CARR S. R. Collins MS2531
Chemistry Brailsford Science Building MS2215
College of Business Ag/Business Building MS2300
Co-Op Extension (CEP) Carden-Waller Co-Op Extension Building MS2001
COMPASS J. B. Coleman Library MS1050
Computer Science S. R. Collins MS2515
Counseling Services Owens-Franklin Health Center MS1406
Curriculum & Instruction Delco MS2410
Development Office Drew Complex MS1200
Distance Learning Brailsford Science Building MS1210
Ed Leadership &  Counseling Delco MS2420
Education Delco MS2400
Engineering S. R. Collins MS2500
Engineering Technology S. R. Collins MS2530
Equal Opportunity & Title IX A. I. Thomas Building MS1107
Financial Administration W. R. Banks MS1311
Financial Aid Tempton Memorial Student Center MS1005
Financial  Services W. R. Banks MS1329
Follett Bookstore Tempton Memorial Student Center MS3100
Graduate School Delco MS2800
Health & Human Performance Moore Intramural Gymnasium MS1022
Health Center Owens-Franklin Health Center MS1413
Human Resources Harrington Science Building MS1337
Human Science Department Ag/Business Building MS2004
Information Technology S. R. Collins MS1339
Institutional Accreditation Drew Complex MS1060
Institutional Relations A. I. Thomas Building MS1100
Institutional Research Drew Complex MS1341
Internal Affairs & International Initiatives A. I. Thomas Building MS1008
International Affairs Anderson Hall MS3402
Juvenile Justice Clark Juvenile Justice Building MS2600
KPVU Radio Hilliard Hall MS1415
Language & Communications Hilliard Hall MS2220
Laundry Farrell Hall MS1451
Library J B Coleman Library MS1040
Management & Marketing Kennedy Architecture Building MS2315
Mathematics W. R. Banks MS2225
Music & Drama Hobart Taylor MS2205
Navy ROTC Hobart Taylor MS2240
Parking Management Harrington Science Building MS1405
Physical Plant Administration Physical Plant MS1420
Physics Brailsford Science Building MS2230
Pre-Nursing Anderson Hall MS2725
President’s Office A. I. Thomas Building MS1001
Recreational Sports Recreational Sports MS2413
Recruitment Evans Hall MS1011
Registrar Tempton Memorial Student Center MS1002
Research Foundation Anderson Hall MS1225
Risk Management & Safety Harrington Science Building MS1310
SACS Clark Juvenile Justice Building MS1047
Shuttle Services Transportation Center MS1404
Social & Political Sciences Woolfolk Building MS2203
Social Work W. R. Banks MS2203
Sodexho Services Drew Complex MS1407
Solar Observatory Harrington Science Building MS2250
Student Activities Tempton Memorial Student Center MS1020
Student Affairs Evans Hall MS1026
Student Center Operations Tempton Memorial Student Center MS1450
Student Publications Tempton Memorial Student Center MS1030
Title III Administration Delco MS1208
Transportation Transportation Center MS1423
Undergraduate Medical Academy (UMA) Brailsford Science Building MS2900
University College – Housing University College MS3000
University Compliance Office W. R. Banks MS3401
University Police Department University Police MS1430
University View – Housing University View MS3302
Utilities Thomas Fry Building MS1425