Delivery & Pick up Schedule

The Prairie View A& M University Campus Mail Center is dedicated to providing a resourceful and dependable service to Faculty, Staff & Students.  The mail distribution is divided into two division which is Route A and Route B as specified below.  We offer mail pick-up and delivery in the mornings and afternoon daily.  The morning pick-up/delivery normally occurs between (10:15-12:00) and the evening pick-up/delivery normally occurs between (2:15-3:45).

We are required to have all mail such as express mail, certified mail or any mail requiring tracking at the post office by 4:15 daily.

However on holidays the United States Postal Services is closed and PVAMU remains open. Our office will continue mail pickup and delivery service with on campus mail only. Any mail requiring postage will be processed the next business day.

Route A

  1. Power Plant Bldg.
  2. Woolfolks Bldg.
  3. University Village
  4. New Gym
  5. Athletics complex
  6. Hobart Taylor Bldg.
  7. Architecture Bldg.
  8. Co-Op Extension Bldg.
  9. New Science Bldg.
  10. All Faith Chapel
  11. Harrington Science
  12. Administration Bldg.
  13. MSC- Complex
  14. Sodexho Services
  15. MSC
  16. Owen Franklin Health Center

Route B

  1. Hilliard Hall Bldg.
  2. J B Coleman Library
  3. Access – Advising Bldg.
  4. University College
  5. Army Bldg.
  6. Navy Bldg.
  7. Ag Research Bldg.
  8. S. R. Collins Bldg.
  9. Gilchrest Bldg.
  10. May Bldg.
  11. Physical Plant Bldg.
  12. UPD Bldg.
  13. Farrell Hall Bldg.
  14. Juvenile Justice Bldg.
  15. Delco Bldg.
  16. Anderson Hall Bldg.
  17. Evans Hall Bldg.
  18. W. R. Banks Bldg.
Inclement Weather Re-Opening 1/18/18

Prairie View A&M University will reopen tomorrow January 18, 2018. Classes on the main campus, Northwest Houston Center and Nursing Campus will resume as scheduled and administrative offices will return to normal operations. We are continuing to monitor the icy road conditions across the Houston-metro area. We urge you to exercise caution as you begin your daily routine, allowing extra travel time as temperatures will remain around the freezing mark in the morning. Please continue to monitor the website and official social media channels for updates.