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Our cadets continue to work very hard and are dedicated to serving in our military. In order to provide current cadets with the best opportunities during their time here, we must supplement our government funding with private support. This support allows us to offer those “extras” that make a cadet’s experiences memorable, including dining in, military ball, etc. Gifts from alumni are often the most meaningful as they reflect a desire to give back to the institution that changed their life. We gratefully accept gifts of all sizes. Please make your check payable to “The York Fund” and mail to the attention of:

Professor of Military Science – Army ROTC
P.O. Box 2757
Prairie View, TX 77446


1983 Spring Commissioning  Army ROTC1984 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC

                   1983 Spring Commissioning                                     1984 Spring Commissioning


1985 Spring Commissioning  Army ROTC1986 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC

1985 Spring Commissioning                                 1986 Spring Commissioning

1987 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC1988 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC

1987 Spring Commissioning                                 1988 Spring Commissioning


1989 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC1990 Summer Commissioning Army ROTC

1989 Spring Commissioning                                  1990 Summer Commissioning

1991 Spring Commissioning  Army ROTC1992 Fall Commissioning Army ROTC

1991 Spring Commissioning                                1992 Fall Commissioning

1992 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC1992 Summer Commissioning Army ROTC

1992 Spring Commissioning                                 1992 Summer Commissioning

1993 Spring Commissioning  Army ROTC1993 Summer Commissioning Army ROTC

1993 Spring Commissioning                                  1993 Summer Commissioning

1995 Summer Commissioning  Army ROTC1997 Fall Commissioning Army ROTC

1995 Summer Commissioning                                  1997 Fall Commissioning


1998 Fall Commissioning Army ROTC1998 Summer Commissioning Army ROTC

1998 Fall Commissioning                                    1998 Summer Commissioning

1999 Spring Commissioning Army ROTC1999 Summer Commissioning Army ROTC

1999 Spring Commissioning                                  1999 Summer Commissioning

2000 Spring Commissioning  ARMY ROTC2002 Spring Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2000 Spring Commissioning                                 2002 Spring Commissioning

2003 Spring Commissioning ARMY ROTC2004 Fall Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2003 Spring Commissioning                                  2004 Fall Commissioning

2004 Spring Commissioning  ARMY ROTC2005 Fall Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2004 Spring Commissioning                                 2005 Fall Commissioning

2005 Spring Commissioning  ARMY ROTC2005 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2005 Spring Commissioning                                  2005 Summer Commissioning

2006 Fall Commissioning  ARMY ROTC2006 Spring Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2006 Fall Commissioning                                    2006 Spring Commissioning

2006 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC2007 Fall Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2006 Summer Commissioning                                 2007 Fall Commissioning


2007 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC2008 Fall Commissioning  ARMY ROTC

2007 Summer Commissioning                              2008 Fall Commissioning

2008 Spring Commissioning ARMY ROTC2008 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2008 Spring Commissioning                                 2008 Summer Commissioning

2009 Fall Commissioning  ARMY ROTC2009 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2009 Fall Commissioning                                     2009 Summer Commissioning

2010 Spring Commissioning  ARMY ROTC2010 Summer Commissioning  ARMY ROTC

2010 Spring Commissioning                        2010 Summer Commissioning

2010 Fall Commissioning   ARMY ROTC 2011 Spring Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2010 Fall Commissioning                                      2011 Spring Commissioning

2011 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC  2011 Fall Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2011 Summer Commissioning                               2011 Fall Commissioning

2012 Spring Commissioning ARMY ROTC  2012 Summer Commissioning ARMY ROTC

2012 Spring Commissioning                                   2012 Summer Commissioning












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