Advising: A Paradigm Shift

Advising: A Paradigm Shift

Presented by: Dr. Sarah Wakefield

Core Curriculum Advisory Committee

Prairie View A&M University

Global & Cultural Competence

Global and Cultural Competence

Presented by: Dr. Suzanne Droleskey

Global Program Support

Texas A&M University

LEAPing into the Future of Higher Education: How College Matters Now

LEAPing into the Future of Higher Education

Presented by: Pamela Matthews

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Texas A&M University

Teaching & Assessing Teamwork at PVAMU

Teaching and Assessing Teamwork at PVAMU

Presented by: Dr. Linda Neavel Dickens

Director of Institutional Accreditation & Program Assessment

University of Texas at Austin

Core Curriculum 2014

Core Curriculum 2014

Presented by: Dr. James Palmer

Core Curriculum Committee

Prairie View A&M University

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