Panther Collaboration and Innovation Commons

Panther Collaboration and Innovation Commons
3rd Floor JB Coleman Library

The new Panther Collaboration and Innovation Commons—located on the third floor of the J.B. Coleman Library—is designed for students to engage in all areas of digital media in one location.  Called Panther C.I.C. for short, the area will provide digital resources needed for course work, research, and experience for future employment in digital video and audio, images and animation, digital presentations and more.

Mindful of current and future needs, Panther C.I.C. has a print center, a 48-seat training room, two video rooms, audio room, conference room, breakroom and offices for instructional designers, a multimedia production specialist, a print manager, and graduate assistants. In addition, it features a check-out center with equipment storage rooms allowing for cameras, laptops, mics, iPads, tripods, among other equipment, to be used for class assignments and research. Expert training and other resources will also be provided for students and faculty.

Panther C.I.C. encourages current students to collaborate on future innovations while being inspired by quotes and images from the past, present and future. The space will soon feature three murals: one designed by alumni, one designed by our PVAMU student mural winner, and another highlighting a mosaic of images designed by students from H.T. Jones Elementary, representing the future. Inspirational quotes from past and present PVAMU leaders will be displayed throughout the space.

This past week students participating in Academic Student Success, Honors, and Tutoring—also located on the third floor—had an opportunity to preview the space and were extremely excited about the changes.

While Panther C.I.C. is not fully complete, it will open to students starting October 1, 2019. A formal opening will be scheduled for a later date.  Feel free to stop by and see why students are so excited.