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Technology Implementation Timelines and Updates

Ellucian Degree Works MyDegreeWorks

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Ellucian Degree Works is an easy-to-use set of online academic planning tools that help students and advisors see what courses and requirements students need to graduate. And it integrates with your student information system and records interactions with students—so you can see what they see.

  •  Implementation began – October 12, 2015
  •  Go-Live – Spring 2017

Work continues as we move toward our Spring 2017 initial roll-out. We are still on schedule for a January 2017 soft roll out of MyDegree Works. In January we will begin using MyDegree Works for the 2014-2015 through 2016-2017 catalogs. In Fall of 2017, we will be fully implemented with all catalogs being developed in MyDegree Works. We have completed one round of testing with our faculty and staff, that testing phase provided valuable feedback and we are ready for the second round. Faculty/Staff/Students will be invited to the MyDegreeWorks Town Hall Meetings in September and October where they will be asked to log into the system, review their respective programs and again provide feedback. We are very appreciative of all of the participation and support to this point and look forward to working with you and your staffs as we continue the implementation process.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please share the link below with your faculty and staff and ask them to register as soon as possible. More information can be found at MyDegree Works or email us at


Ellucian Pilot …NOW CRM Advise Ellucian CRM Advise: Student success and student retention software

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Ellucian Pilot is more than an academic planning tool. It’s a powerful solution that lets you define your own priorities, customize functions to meet your needs, and automate manual administrative work so you can invest your time and resources where they count the most. With Ellucian Pilot, you can see every facet of a student’s experience and track success by cohort, course, degree/program, or any other customized view. Then you can share that information with every department on campus to deliver meaningful, personal, and coordinated support.

  •  BETA – Implementation began – December 18, 2014

Leepfrog – Courseleaf Curriculum Information Management (CIM)

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CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM) is a course inventory and curriculum management platform, with customized online forms and automated workflows, designed to ensure accuracy across an institution’s courses and programs. CIM automatically reports the impacts of curriculum changes, exchanges information with student information systems and tightly integrates with CourseLeaf Catalog.

  •  Implementation began – July 2016
  • Go-Live – Spring 2017

Ellucian Recruiter…NOW CRM Recruit student recruitment and enrollment management software

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Ellucian Recruiter is more than a central point of management. It’s a powerful set of student recruitment software and analytical tools that tracks performance against desired results—and builds stronger relationships with your desired students.

  • Implementation began – November 2016
  • Go-Live – July 2017 for Fall 2018 Recruiting
All dates are subject to change

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